Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Field Methods of Volcanic Terrains

This Spring we will be offering a Field Method in Volcanic Terrains course in Greece.

Igneous rocks comprise the bulk of our crust on Earth and the other terrestrial planets, and volcanic eruptive processes shape the surface morphology and provide a link between solid earth and atmospheric processes. Our understanding of these processes has been transformed by the careful study of classic field localities. This course will give students the hands on experience of interpreting past environments using the natural laboratory of the eastern Aegean (Kos and Santorini). Working in groups students will design research projects and will receive an introduction to the magmatic environment of the Aegean Arc. We will particularly emphasize the types of knowledge that can be garnered from different scale observations in the field, and will use several features that can be observed remotely and on the ground to serve as analogues for the interpretation of processes on other planets. This course will be particularly useful for those interested in the structure of the crust, reconstructing past environments from field studies, planetary studies, and volcanology. 

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